The development of passenger and commercial electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid vehicles, share a common feature: large, expensive batteries. Development of the battery systems for these vehicles requires expensive battery testing facilities. There simply isn’t enough 3rd-party advanced battery testing capacity to meet current industry demand.

Many OEMs have multiple validation programs underway (hybrid, plug-in hybrid, battery electric vehicle programs) and each program usually has one or more potential suppliers. Additionally, OEM R&D and advanced engineering organizations are also concurrently evaluating multiple cell chemistries for future potential R&D programs. New cell chemistries are being developed, many of them in small university, federal research, and for profit laboratories which also don’t have the capacity to perform full validation programs.

The advanced battery testing capabilities of CAR Technologies were designed to support OEM and supplier testing in several key areas:

  • Battery electro-thermal characterization
  • Battery and BMS performance benchmarking
  • Battery calendar and vocation aging
  • Battery life/health estimation testing
  • Industry battery validation testing (e.g. USABC testing)
  • Testing for battery 2nd-life applications