CAR Technologies LLC is an industrial-scale, commercial testing, modeling, and engineering partner focused on the effective assessment, calibration, and implementation of vehicle electrification technologies and advanced energy storage applications. Our passion includes:

  • Testing and evaluating advanced battery cells, modules, battery packs, battery management systems and various types of chargers.
  • Testing battery-electric, hybrid-electric, and plug-in hybrid propulsion systems for on- and off-road and motorsports applications.
  • Supporting thee development of more energy-efficient batteries and battery charging systems.
  • Evaluating advanced propulsion batteries and other energy storage technologies for stationary applications, such as home energy storage, telecommunications and emergency backup power.
  • Providing advanced engineering and consulting services for the vehicle electrification and stationary energy storage industries.

Advanced batteries lie at the heart of EVERY vehicle electrification design and CAR Technologies is a perfect collaboration partner to help industry address critical needs with next generation calibration and control strategies.

With over 25 years of advanced powertrain architectures and controls experience, CAR Technologies’ automotive and energy storage expertise makes us a valuable testing and engineering partner across the full spectrum of OEM battery validation and engineering processes, whether you are validating the basic battery and battery pack configuration BEFORE designs are finalized, developing essential data to FINE-TUNE the BMS and battery control strategies, or ENABLING a foundation for providing in-vehicle battery life/health prognostics.