Recent announcements remind us that battery companies are principally material sciences companies and partnerships with more experienced automotive powertrain engineering services organizations are necessary to accelerate the next generation of modeling, systems, and controls that vehicle manufacturers are looking for to properly manage the performance and lifecycle costs of the vehicle. Testing underpins all of that advanced engineering and integration work. However, CAR Technologies also offers a wide range of data analysis and high accuracy modeling solutions that address the following industry needs:

    • Electro-thermal Modeling
    • Vocational Modeling
    • Thermal Systems Modeling
    • Battery State Estimation (even under more extreme operating conditions)
    • High Accuracy State-of-Charge, State-of-Health Modeling
    • Calendar and/or Vocational Life Modeling
    • Second Life Vocation and Performane Modeling
    • Hybrid or EV Powertrain Systems Modeling
    • Motor and Inverter Modeling and Calibration
    • BMS Modeling and Calibration
    • Advanced Materials Performance
    • Warranty/Service Modeling