Battery Testing Facilities and Capacity

In 2011, CAR Technologies moved into new facilities at 1305 Kinnear Road, Columbus, OH.

Well Located
  • Down the street from The Ohio State University - Center for Automotive Research
  • Across the street from the Ohio Supercomputing Center
  • Next to the Ohio Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Centers
  • Just ½ mile from the Edison Welding Institute

CAR Tech’s unique location close to Ohio State University also offers preferred access to passenger and commercial vehicle dynamometers, the Ohio Supercomputing Center (for advanced modeling and simulation), the largest independent proving ground in the mid-west, and other unique testing and engineering resources.

CAR Technologies' advanced battery test lab includes:

  • 116 Channels 3+ kW Cell Cycling
    • 8V / 400 A charge/discharge per channel); 10mA, less than 10mV accuracy
    • channels can be ganged in series or parallel for higher capacity cells, PbA batteries or small modules
  • Custom Data Acquisition and Control
  • Specialized Thermal Control
    • dual 200 W Peltier Cold Plate
  • 12 Thermal Chambers
    • 8 x 32 cu ft; 2 x 64-80 cu ft; 2 x 1.2 cu ft.
  • 8 Channels Module / Pack Cycling
    • 8 Channels 125 – 170 kW (AV ABC 170/150)
  • 5 Digitally Controlled Hi-temp Waterbaths
  • Separate Electronics and Wet Labs

The facilities are fully supported with a Battery Research Director, Battery Lab Manager, Battery Engineers, and Battery Technicians as required.

CAR Technologies' electron microscopy and analysis facility includes:

  • Scanning electron microscopy w/ EDX
  • X-ray diffraction and analysis
  • Light Microscopy
  • Modeling and characterization of energy storage cells at different scale lengths (micro, nano, molecular)
  • Dedicated Sample Preparation Facilities for metals, ceramics, nanomaterials and biomaterials
  • Guest offices for short & long term visiting researchers

** Capabilities provided by the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis at 1305 Kinnear Road.

Target users of this space include passenger and commercial vehicle OEMs, advanced battery OEMs, hybrid and electric vehicle engineering services firms, utilities/stationary energy storage systems integrators, strategic vehicle and battery system component suppliers, and other vehicle electrification industry players.